Sunday, June 16, 2013

Introduction: Professional Development for Teachers

Let's start with these observations:

(1) Many teachers don't appear to have time for training during a busy week.

(2)  Training sessions in many schoools are usually given every 90 days.

(3)  Don't we learn better "a little each day"? 

(4)  Many teachers go to a training session and receive a large 3-ring binder.  That binder remains unopened on a shelf ... six, ten, even 12 months later.

(5)  We tend to learn what we want to learn.  
Procedure:  Select a reading that you want to read.  You don't need to complete the sessions in order.  There is no need to study these questions in the order set up.  That's why each session has a color as well as a number.

This blog is a place to find items for on-going professional development.  "Take the session when you are ready."
Please add to the collection by suggesting topics that you want to talk about or articles that you want to discuss.

Procedures:  Read and Call

1.  teacher 
reads a short article
2.  teacher thinks about "How could I change my procedures in my class to apply this information?"
"What will students do differently if I apply this new information?"
3.  teacher calls me and tells me what was learned and discusses how to apply the information.
4.  I listen and ask some questions and we agree on a time when the teacher will take photos or videos before and after (showing with and without the new procedure).
5.  I follow up with the teacher 2, 7, 14, 30 and 90 days to check to see how the new procedure is being used. ... 

This series of training sessions is 
a) free:  volunteers designed these materials.
b) available with videos with feedback 
c) flexible:  you can read the article and make your comments when you want to.

Send your comments and questions to:
(954) 646 8246 mobile

Professional Development  one person at a time...  

on the side
one on one
how to change the behavior
getting into intuitive beliefs

...creating lifelong learners..

This series of sessions is dedicated to the parents and children of River Cities Charter School.

The time spent by the trainers and the teachers will benefit them, but ultimately, the benefits will come to your children.

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