Monday, June 24, 2013

(12) Ask students to describe the ideal classroom: Edutopia video

Screenshots from the presentation by Edutopia


Partial transcript of the video

why is private thinking time important before we have a discussion?

what does a great classroom look like?

imagine the best place for learning... 
what would that class look like in each of those categories?

What is a great discussion?

rate yourself
provide evidence of the rating.

work together

what is a great discussion
it is not "kids raising hands"...

a good discussion is when we bounce ideas in small groups (not a whole class discussion)

how we talk
how we listen
how we ask questions

who speaks first?

how to use manners when disagreeing

use a fishbowl to observe other kids when discussing.

turn to your neighbor and talk about this idea

The Fishbowl

What are the procedures around the fishbowl?


For Discussion (Read and Call +1 954 646 8246):
(1) What questions would you ask your students to guide the discussion about "what rules do you want in our classroom?"?
(2) What is the fishbowl" and how would you use the fishbowl in your classroom?

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